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July 22, 2024    3:01 pm
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Welcome To SmartITBench

It is clear that the broader scientific community is benefiting from increased adoption of Internet-based computer applications that address the many facets of the research and experiment process.

Specifically, with the growing discipline of model organism genetics within Life Sciences research, SmartITBench has the resources to immediately assist researchers in increased productivity and research data management.

Iseehear through SmartITBench is interested in developing and commercializing in-demand quality high-growth Internet applications for the bio medical life sciences, where the market barrier-to-entry is high and whose subscriber and user base consists of forward thinking stakeholders in the life sciences research community.

SmartITBench Mission  

  The SmartITBench mission:
  1. is to leverage Iseehear operating processes, development experience, Internet platform and information technology infrastructure.
  2. will be achieved through marketing partnerships, commercialization partnerships, technology transfer, in license, direct investment or investment with partners.
  3. is to create quality and sustainable cash flow and revenue opportunities for Iseehear and our partners.
The SmartITBench addresses Iseehear’s role, which is to listen to your needs, requirements, feedback, suggestions and ideas. Iseehear will work with you to develop new and innovative database and software solutions that will assist you with your research and experiment IT requirements.

To learn more about SmartITBench and participate in the Iseehear Early Adopter Programs, SmartLAB2020, Iseehear Technology Transfer and Value EcoSystem, please contact Kelly Rodriques E-Mail:

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