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June 21, 2024    4:25 pm

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Smart Technology Transfer

SmartITBench Iseehear Technology Transfer program is interested in licensing, management, marketing and commercializing technologies.

Iseehear SmartITBench Iseehear Technology Transfer is keenly interested in commercializing technologies and processes from academic laboratories that complement Iseehear's business strategy and leverage our commercial offerings.

Iseehear recognizes that worldwide government funded laboratory research and development provides a vast resource environment for the leveraging, licensing and commercialization of innovative products and work processes.

The purpose of SmartITBench Iseehear Technology Transfer is to:
  • develop the transferred technology into commercially viable products, work processes and services with the objective of generating profits for the licensor and Iseehear
  • identify and negotiate the licensing of technology that will enhance the Iseehear service offerings to our subscribers
Iseehear via the SmartITBench is building a network of Iseehear Technology Transfer contacts

Iseehear will work together with our partners via the SmartITBench Iseehear Technology Transfer to create WIN WIN solutions.

In 2011, Iseehear looks forward to leveraging the SmartITBench business programs success and increasing its activities in the areas of Iseehear Technology Transfer and the commercialization of innovative technologies.

For further information on Iseehear Technology Transfer, please feel free to contact us.

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