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July 22, 2024    2:41 pm

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The Iseehear management team builds strong relationships with our subscriber base, partners and community stakeholders in order to understand their requirements, needs and research plans.

Furthermore, as a result of researchers' ability to contribute requirements to Iseehear, labs can save money and time that would otherwise be spent on developing software internally by leaving it to the professionals at Iseehear to develop and deploy their requirements far more cheaply and quicker than a lab would be able to do.

  • SmartITBench resources address the opportunity for researchers to suggest requirements for features, pilot applications and provide feedback based on their usage that enhance the future database and software applications which lead to productivity enhancements for the laboratory.
  • Participating in the various SmartITBench programs provides an opportunity to contribute to the usefulness of applications and ensure that requirements that are beneficial will be developed and implemented in the system.
  • SmartITBench provides several unique services (Iseehear Early Adopter Programs, SmartLAB2020, Iseehear Technology Transfer and Value EcoSystem) through which Iseehear develops and deploys IT solutions for researchers in the biomedical life sciences.
  • To learn more about SmartITBench and participate in the Iseehear Iseehear Early Adopter Programs, SmartLAB2020, Iseehear Technology Transfer and Value EcoSystem please contact Kelly Rodriques E-Mail:

SmartITBench Service Offerings:

SmartITBench service offerings include:
  • allow research scientists to conveniently access and test Iseehear pilot applications prior to commercial release
  • facilitate timely feedback and communication between you and the Iseehear research and development teams
  • enhance your competitiveness by delivering specific research and experiments tools
  • accept requirements from researchers on what they need and want in an ideal colony management and research planning database / software solution
  • allow lab managers, researchers and technicians to choose what they want to pay for
  • are budget friendly
  • provide immediate financial benefits for the lab versus development of software in the lab. 70% to 90% of the cost of software development arise after a specific version is complete. Two examples are support and maintenance
  • provide immediate financial benefits for the lab versus buying "ready made" software that may only address 50% of your requirements
  • continuously accepts requirements
  • continuously provides support

For further information on Iseehear SmartITBench services, please feel free to contact us.

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